Claude Genest

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Claude Genest announced his candidacy to lead the Green Party of Canada in February 2006, after its poor campaign failed to meet any of its avowed goals in the Canadian federal election, 2006.

In his announcement letter, he vowed to undo the "bunker mentality" and restore democratic control of the party after the GPC Council Crisis and GPC whistleblower crisis, 2006 and many GPC resignation letters emphasizing the party's lack of any internal accountability.

At about the same time, a substantial movement in the Quebec wing of the party to disavow Jim Harris was becoming vocal and may have been in support of Genest.

Genest supported continuing the GPC full slate policy but did not assert any personal willingness or capability to require GPC EDAs to accept parachute candidates.

may be dropping out

Claude Genest was rumoured as of 2006-04-19 to have decided to renounce his run at the leadership of the GPC in exchange for a GPC deputy leader position offered to him by Elizabeth May if she wins the upcoming leadership race at the GPC AGM, 2006 in August. There had been no announcement.