City As Art

During the 2004 election arts and culture issues were ignored by the other four major parties. Green candidates who need a background briefing on our positions can see the unofficial position paper The City as Art that supports the Arts, media, Tourism and other planks. See Toronto Arts Council Questions 2004 for a detailed example of the types of problems and issues that concern the urban arts supporters.

The original paper was released only to candidates going into debates in Toronto and Halifax. It is kept offsite to avoid confusion with official positions, as it contains some unapproved commitments. However, it closely follows the published positions and is reliable enough to use as a briefing or a source of sound bites and general information, as long as it is not published as the official position of the party.

(another example of such a paper is When Nations are Neighbours - on aboriginal affairs; see also the full list of all interest group briefings )