Citizenship and Immigration

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Citizenship and Immigration - Strength Through Diversity

Canada is a nation of immigrants ? people who came here in search of a better life. Our diversity strengthens our culture. For this reason, our immigration policy must wisely balance the needs of immigrants with the needs of the community they immigrate to, and not forget the needs of the countries they immigrate from. Building on Canada?s multicultural tradition will help us thrive in a globally networked economy.

The Green Party will:
  • Direct special funding to public schools in ?landing zones? for new Canadians.
  • Reduce unnecessary barriers to reinstating the professional credentials of immigrants.
  • Regulate the practices of ?immigration consultants? and increase penalties for those convicted of ?human smuggling.?
  • Consult with ethnic community groups to help identify and exclude migrants with criminal histories.
  • Assist and sustain multicultural communities by giving cultural organizations charitable status.
  • Enable better cultural and business links with the home countries of new Canadians.

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