Deanna's version of the Green Party of Canada's policy on caregiving.

Issue: The Live-in Caregiver program (LCP)

This is a policy which has been in place since the 1960s in various incarnations, which has allowed women from third world countries to come to Canada for a temporary period of time to work as nannies. Currently, caregivers have to work two years out of three in order to qualify to apply for permanent residence. They are also obliged to live in the home of their employers, and to get permission from the government in the form of a new work visa in order to change employers.

This has been the government's response to the increasing demand for child care which has been caused by women entering the workplace in greater numbers, and state supported daycare options decreasing in availability.

Position: The Green Party will immediately abolish the LCP and allow caregivers to immigrate to Canada just as any other professionals would.


It has been well documented that women in the LCP are placed in extremely vulnerable situations, where they depend on the goodwill of their employers for their labour rights, their home situation, their personal safety and their legal status.

Position: The Green Party will eliminate the live-in requirement and the mobility restriction, so that caregivers can choose their employers.

The obligation to live in the home of the employer puts the caregiver in a particularly vulnerable situation. If the job proves to be unsatisfactory - which could be because the employers don't pay enough overtime, or because the employers are physically or sexually abusive - the caregiver must give up not only her job but also her home and her legal status in Canada.

The obligation to seek a new work permit to change employers is a violation of labour rights enjoyed by all other workers. If the worker finds herself in an unsatisfactory or unsafe situation, she has no option but to stay put while her papers are processed. This process can take months, taking up valuable time in her allocated 2 years out of 3.