Canadian federal election 2005

The Canadian federal election 2005 is a predicted event that may or may not happen.

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There is no legal requirement to hold the 39th general election before 2009, but there is emerging certainty that a federal election to elect members of the Canadian House of Commons will likely be held in Canada before early 2006. Recent political events, most notably testimony from the Gomery Commission investigating the sponsorship scandal, have weakened the governing Liberals and raised the possibility of significant opposition gains in a snap election. There is a widespread belief that an election will take place in the spring or summer of 2005, as the Conservatives and Bloc Québécois have launched several attempts to a pass a non-confidence vote in the government which would necessitate a dissolution. In a televised speech on April 21, Prime Minister Paul Martin promised to call an election within 30 days of the Gomery Commission’s final report. This would give an election date in January or February 2006.