Canadian federal election

When the Government of Canada falls or is dissolved, a Canadian federal election is called. A writ drop by the Prime Minister of Canada refers to the voluntary dissolution. See elections in Canada for more details.

came early in 2006

The Canadian federal election, 2004 of June 28, 2004, resulted in a minority government by the Liberal Party of Canada. The average lifespan of such governments is only about 14 months, so another election in 2005 was widely anticipated.

In preparation for this the Platform 2005 project was initiated using this Living Platform to be ready in case the Canadian federal budget, 2005 fails to pass the House of Commons, which usually results in a vote of no confidence. Other bills may also cause a government to fall. A Canadian federal confidence crisis, 2005 was only ended by Belinda Stronach joining the Liberals.

will come early again

A Canadian federal election, 2006 occurred and resulted in a Conservative Party of Canada minority.

A Canadian federal election, 2007 is therefore extremely likely, and a second election in 2006 is possible.