Canadian federal confidence crisis, 2005

The Canadian federal confidence crisis, 2005 is a good long term name for the events around the threatened Canadian federal election, 2005 that did not occur.

The crisis was resolved when Belinda Stronach chose to cross the floor to join the Liberal Party of Canada. This demoralized and embarassed the Conservative Party of Canada and, given NDP support for the revised Canadian federal budget, 2005, and commitment of independent MP Carolyn Parrish to vote with the government, brought numbers in the Canadian House of Commons to dead even. David Kilgour had quit the Liberal caucus over Darfour.

Another independent MP, Chuck Cadman, canvassed his constituents and determined that they did not want an election. It was his vote that actually saved Paul Martin's government. Cadman died of cancer shortly thereafter, and Martin attended his funeral, praising his independence and devotion to his constituents.

Layton, Stronach, Parrish, Cadman and Martin (whose ability to persuade opponents to support the government was sorely tested) foiled Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe and David Kilgour in this particular case.

None of Parrish, Cadman, Kilgour ran in the Canadian federal election, 2006.