Canadian federal budget, 2005

The Canadian federal budget, 2005 is "tabled" by theCanadian federal budget speech, 2005-02-23, that is, submitted to parliament for debate. If it doesn't pass then a Canadian federal election, 2005 will likely occur. As of 2005-03 this seemed unlikely, as even the Conservatives said they would be unlikely to oppose this budget. A Canadian federal election, 2006 now seems to be a distinct possibility, unless some surprise issue arises later in 2005.

Green input

Canadian Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale swore that this would be the "greenest budget ever" and that there "is still time" to get Green Tax Shift or other related measures into the budget before the 23rd. Thus:

The Green Budget Coalition, Canadian Alternative Budget and Civic Efficiency Group got some input to him the weekend before, in order to seed the budget process, claim some credit for it, and hold the Liberals to account for not doing the things proposed, should there be a snap federal election. See open letter to Ralph Goodale from Civic Efficiency Group for details.

Unfortunately, Jim Harris did nothing but impede this effort - he blackballed Elio Di Iorio from the GPC Shadow Cabinet, then offered to the press a rightful image of himself as a whiner and a do-nothing who claimed (based on nothing) to represent "a million people" somehow. The GPC Council crisis and "purging" his enemies Craig Hubley and Michael Pilling and Kate Holloway was evidently more important than the federal budget, in his petty mind. Harris continues to shame Greens worldwide.

actual results

Important highlights


New Democratic Party of Canada budget critique by Jack Layton

"There was no commitment to mandatory emissions standards. In fact, the Liberals voted against our proposals to do something about in that sector. There is nothing on transferring subsidies from the polluting forms of energy, like oil and coal, over to the renewable forms of energy, the clean energy of the future. There is no vision whatsoever for the future when it comes to energy and pollution.

We did more at the City of Toronto in embracing efficiency than the Prime Minister has provided for in his budget. Cities and communities are also doing much more without much help from the federal government."

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