The CTV namespace exists only to report the existence of a CTV news story, preferably as it breaks. Anything posted in this namespace must include a cite link to prove that there was really an CTV news story by that name, published at CTV.ca or via news feed or otherwise.

The naming conventions of CTV are those of international English, like the CP:namespace, mediawiki, the Reuters:namespace and open politics itself. Thus a CTV news story should be reported with exactly the same title as it was published with, e.g.

When story titles contain claims or facts that are only sure to be true as of the date published, the date must be included. If in doubt, use that date as part of the title. The exclusion of a date on the climate change story is deliberate, as the title itself contains a conclusion that simply is not subject to credible re-examination, unless the story itself is wrong. So nothing is gained by adding dates, though it may be required in future naming conventions to avoid having to make this judgement call.

That title also illustrates another convention: Be extremely conservative about punctuation, preserve it wherever possible. However use of a colon rather than a dash for attribution as a suffix is questionable practice and can be corrected, particularly as the colon is assumed to create a namespace with different point of view conventions under the naming conventions.

Hopefully a wiki news feed solution will be available soon to standardize any such conversions.