The CP namespace exists only to report the existence of a Canadian Press news story, preferably as it breaks. Anything posted in this namespace must include a cite link to prove that there was really an AP news story by that name, preferably published by CTV, CBC, Yahoo News or truthout.org or some other known source. Reliance on wikinews is not acceptable.

The naming conventions of CP are those of international English, like mediawiki, the Reuters:namespace and open politics itself. Thus a CP news story should be reported with exactly the same title as it was published with, e.g.

When story titles contain claims or facts that are only sure to be true as of the date published, the date must be included. If in doubt, use that date as part of the title. If a situation is however very persistent or recurring, e.g. related to the GPC Council Crisis and events of 2003, adding the date of the story can actually mislead by making it appear as if the events investigated are current, or else a transitory situation.

Hopefully a wiki news feed solution will be available soon to fix this.