British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life Questions 2004

British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life asked these Questions in 2004:

Dear Green Party Candidate in the 2004 Federal Election:

I am sending you a copy of a questionnaire distributed by British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life, an advocacy group
concerned particularly with the youth of our nation.

Would you be so kind as to respond, sending a copy to me athewlett at shaw.ca and a copy to British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life at executive at BCPTL.org ?

Ted Hewlett

(President, British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life)

Questionnaire to Candidates in the 2004 Canadian Federal Election

Note to candidates in the federal election:
We trust that you agree that it is the right of voters to know where
candidates stand on issues that those voters consider crucial. To that
end, the following short questionnaire asks you to respond to a number
of questions. Please indicate your answers by marking a check or "X"
opposite "Yes" or "No" for each question, or (in the case of two of the
questions) filling out short answers, and e-mail your response to the
person who sent you the questionnaire as well as to executive at BCPTL.org
(British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life).
Please respond within two weeks in order to enable this information to
be disseminated to those interested.

Name of candidate: ___
Electoral riding:_
Party candidate is running for: _Green_Party_of_Canada__

1. Definition of Marriage
Will you vote for the protection of the definition of marriage as being a union between one man and one woman?

No. Gays and lesbians must be treated as full members of our society. A Green Party government will support legislation to alter the legal definition of marriage.

__2. Will you work for and support the use of the "notwithstanding clause" to prevent the inclusion of same-sex unions in
the official definition of marriage?__


2. Bill C-250 - Rescinding of
The passing of Bill C-250 was a threat to freedom of speech. Will you work and vote to abolish Bill C-250 in its present form?


3. Health Care
__How would you ensure that good health care is available to those unable to pay for it themselves? (Please limit your answer to
this question and Question 12, due to limitations of space, to 25 words or less)__

The Green Party will fully fund healthcare, but will shift the focus to prevention and decentralize healthcare delivery out of hospitals to local communities.

4. Judicial Activism
Will yousupport, and if necessary introduce, measures to prevent the courts fromusurping the role of the elected legislatures?

No. The role of the courts is to uphold Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So long as they perform this duty, we see no need to alter their definition.

5. Raising Age of Consent
Do you support providing for the protection of children by raising the legal age of sexual consent?

No. Children will engage in sexual activity regardless of any law. A Green government will attempt to discourage underage sexual activity by improving sex education: giving our children the information they need to make informed choices about sex.

6. Protection of life - abortion, euthanasia
Do you support the elimination of induced abortion in Canada?

No. While we fully support existing legislation, we wish to reduce the need for abortions by providing sex education at the earliest appropriate age, counseling for those who need it, and alternative options to women who do not wish to terminate a pregnancy. We will not, however, hinder a woman from receiving an abortion if she feels that is her only option.

Will you work against the legalization of euthanasia?

No. Life is a responsibility as well as a gift. Canadians should have the freedom to end their life at a time of their chosing.

7. Human Cloning and Embryonic Research
Will you oppose and vote against any attempt to legalize the cloning of human beings?


Will you vote to outlaw research involving the destruction of the human embryo?

No. Human embryos created through methods that do not involve fertilization or implantation in the womb should be available for theraputic research. Such research should only be conducted under the strictest ethical supervision, and if research on other species cannot provide sufficient information.

8. Fiscal Integrity

Will you support, and if necessary, introduce, measures toeliminate corruption in the distribution of money obtained from Canadian taxpayers?


9. Protection of Blood Services
Will you work to ensure that current measures for the protection of blood services remain in place?

Yes. We will ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to protect the Canadian blood supply.

10. Protection from Drug Abuse
Will you work to ensure that laws remain in place which will protect Canadian youth from the promotion of marijuana and other drugs?

Yes. Through legalization, education, harm reduction programs, appropriate taxation, and appropriate law enforcement, we will protect Canadians from falling under the harmful influences of organized crime.

11. Taxation Fairness for Single-Income Families
Will you support, and if necessary introduce, laws to ensure taxation fairness for families where only one parent earns an income?

Yes. Our policies include many innovative reforms to give parents more time with their children.

12. Pornography
What would you do as a legislator to protect children from pornography? (25 words or less, please)

Parents are the best protection against pornography. By giving parents more time with their children, we will give them more control over the harmful influences in their child's life.