Benoit Couture: my social philosophy

This is the continuity of what is in: Inspiration" unde title "Work of personal philisophy" by Benoit Couture

And much more recently…

To be personally green for me, is to know the life and the way to adapt with the wind, and water, above and across borders. Borders are a personal and family matter first. Instead of being viewed as a problem, borders must gradually be treated like organic bedding pots, where each local growth is the transformation with the bonding of Earth’s human garden of families. In recognition of such context, healthy borders are centres for renewal of inner energy, serving the Earth’s social fabric, like what the healthy breathing does to our whole being. That is a personal discipline into the collective delight of unity in diversity. The idea of raising a focal point to model how beautiful life can and should be is not something new. It is the motive for the rise and fall of every empire and dynasty through out history. From Mesopotamia to Britain and which ever other one that has been and is yet to come, all mean to gain power so that it can be better handled; …until they reach the limits of people’s willingness and their capacity to absorb and to compensate for what gets forgotten along the way, and then comes another wave of discontent to arouse another movement of populations. Green says: “enough of that old way! In the late 18th century, European, conquering Monarchs, at war against each other, got together to set up a race amongst themselves. Who would gain the Earth’s control between a melting pot of humans, versus a mosaic hosting all differences of people, without exclusion based on gender, race nor creed, established to depend on each other. One was to be constructed to host all humans into a uniforming version of freedom and of unity, the U S, and the other one, Canada, was to find unity by hosting the diversity of all the Earth’s population. United Stated and Canada became a socio-cultural experiment of the dominant and of the falling European royalties since the 18th century, to test and to find out how far can the utopia of freedom and self-government move the boundaries of old fashioned justifications of self-defence and of self-determination which serve to enforce the controls of military intelligence empowerment. Peace by force of the peer pressure versions of freedom controlled by the rule of Law or peace from mutual understanding, acceptance and justice. Well in regard to American citizenship, I am Canadian and I have a beef with United States citizenship living behaving as though being American was the exclusivity for the population of the United States. As far as I know America goes from Artica to Antartica. That makes me American as well but a Canadian of the Americas! From Alberta to Quebec, here I am Mr. Bush, and lets define American the way it really is meant to be… Benoit Couture
Alberta’s 4th Klondike
It is human nature to have and to maintain distance between us. When mishandled, that distance causes discomfort. It then rapidly becomes defences that hit against defences, activating fear and anger that feed misunderstandings. Once violence erupts, it causes a chain-reaction that can eventually bring us, as we are now, in the ready state of human terror and horror.
The horizon of humanity is in the healing journey and the present world crisis gives Alberta an opportunity for our 4th Klondike! This is the invisible gold rush, the one to make sense of the first 3 Alberta Klondikes of golden, green and black gold, in light of the global clashing climate!
Because of the energy resources in our economy, we, Albertans are given a special position to lead Canadians to strengthen our place in the western world. We are needed to provide the starting point for the healing trail that the entire world populations are in need to witness and to participate in!
By launching the updating and the healing of Canadian democracy from within the context of a sovereign Albertan-Quebecois challenge, energies can be channelled to raise the bridge of our unity, from the Covenant designed to heal us from the stress that feeds and leads on the crisis of human terror.
Albertans are aware of the need and are now requested to move where from we host the faculty of living! In doing so, along with Canadians from coast to coast to coast, we can, provide a safety valve to the human race, in the US transfer of energy supply from Saudi to Wood-Buffalo. George W. Bush has had to win some personal battles in the inner man’s war, in order to be made ready for President. Let us please, dear Canadians, bring on our unity to rise up to rescue Mr. George Bush, his followers and the US Presidency. Let’s be the alternative to set them free from the blind agitation of military intelligence! Let us reach the victory of maturity, to take our place as the offering from a people of God, so that we overcome the historical temptation of worldly Christian might.
”Mr. Bush, you now stand on the threshold of the crossroad, where in the one direction, you will go on helping America and the market economy to fuel the fire of mortal appetites in the bush of the great prostitute, or, in the other direction, you can stand before God until He ignites you into His Presence by His Word and brings you to experience the New Covenant’s burning bush. There, His Spirit enables His children to know Him, His will and His instructions for any questions we might have. By such stand of His people, Yahweigh(or any name by which you relate to Life-Force) gets to demonstrate His victory lane! Americans and the entire world population need to follow the lead driven by the powerful Spirit of love and of wisdom, to show us how to overcome evil from the inner justice He gives, with the peace He grows from within each one and by His joy to strengthen us in our journey. The alpha and omega of decision making reside there. No human can love his enemy, bless those who curse them, to do good to those who hate them nor to pray for those who mistreat and persecute them, except for the individuals who live by the life you claim to live by, and for that, the Lord of Life of Justice and of Peace does not need our weapons, but rather, our obedience. The image you try to project to the world from the start of your Presidency, Mr. Bush, is one opportunity granted like never before by the Creator to you and to the entire Christianity on Earth, to bow to the Spirit of all prophecies…the testimony of Jesus-Christ amongst His creation!!! May God give the man you are, to grow into the janitor He and we need, to clean up the vision of America’s Presidency, in view of the global freedom of individual liberty…amen!
Benoit Couture, Edmonton, Alberta

Artistic approach from here on...
From micro...
I live with my family for the last 7 years in a "socio-cultural lab" named
Abbottsfield, Edmonton. The police call it the ghetto of Alberta. I promote
from here, unity in Canada, with the starting point of the "personal
acquisition of the taste for health". From here, we grow the "correctional
family circuit" that heals, maintains and strengthens the governance of: "to
live and learn", by overcoming the rule of ignorance personally and into our
midst, one day at the time. The circuit grows the organic bond between the
families, shaping the discipline of implementing decision from consensus.
Living unity appears from individual to another and grows from home to school and to work, to re-enforce home life in the neighborhood, providing the community league's development, with this renewal process. By this
involvement, the population practices the application of both, unity and
sovereignty, within the political context called Alberta, Canada. Once the
microcosm of Abbottsfield is ready, we invite a small area of Quebec to accept our challenge to establish a parallel Quebec version. Eventually, as soon as possible, the whole scene gets to be taken on by writers, actors and producers who bring this on to the national attention via a docu-dramatisation series. Along with the televised series comes an invitation to Canadians and a process to join in. The "official" long story made short is contained in the following motion that I made to the Supreme Court of Canada. I was turned down, but in order to be turned down, they had to consider it; I take heart in that.
...to macro...
To the Supreme Court of Canada I wrote: ---The following writings are
steps and thoughts that I utilize, to promote Canadian unity, by tapping into
the course of history's feeding to maturity, the health of the universal human
identity, in the Canadian context. . The actual project is the idea of
launching the research, development and implementation of an elementary, grade one class, made of experts from all the governing fragments of our western civilization. The goal of their endeavor is to lay the foundation for the Faculty of Living, where governing of decision making no longer has to live under the pressure of the wild climate of division and conflict that rules the play ground of kinder garden, outside that class. The class is to become the point of focus so the authorities can open and enter the door of consensus, where objectivity and subjectivity do not separate, for political reasons that go on, terms after terms, only to reach the excuses that explains failure. Do I need a judgment from the Supreme Court to carry on the following appeal to the Queen? Thank you. Benoit Couture

In the conjuncture of all legitimate aspirations of the Empire's
self-determination, along with the whole meaning of the "Stone of Destiny", I call upon the person who is the Defender of the Faith in Canada and in the
Commonwealth, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, to bless, to support and to activate the motion titled: "Cleansing our vision of the Crown"! Truly and sincerely Benoit Couture
There is also a stage character named NAF TA. The name stands for North American Frog Terribly Apprehensive. He is designed as a sort of Court of the Queen gester or in the French Court of royalty, he is a fool of the king; he is to carry the message in such a way as to draw attention and the siding along into the journey with inspiration and humour, without causing a personality cult. B. Couture

Who is he and what is he after? In a nutshell, NAFTA is a fictional voice,
rooted in reality, that aims to settle the confusion that threatens the common
destiny of our identity. He is a promotional emblem of what is trapped between the local and the global. He is designed to address Canada's identity crisis as a whole from the individual to the completion of mutuality. He is an
altered ego from my journey. His personality and pilgrimage are a tragically humorous reflection of Canada's identity crisis. He is coming with a wise approach to tap into our unified potential, which has been growing and cultivating the French, English and Aboriginals for 5 centuries as host of the life to contribute to humanity's need of inspiration and direction. From "pure laine" Quebecois, he breaks away in '78 after having been blown up into a future star of hockey, owned, operated and destroyed by the mishandling of Molson's big hockey family and moves to Alberta at 20 in a "welfare shape". Learning and settling in English started his healing from the peer pressuring paradox of independence-sovereignty that he experienced as a birthright and as a drop-out. Getting acquainted with Canada from Alberta, brings him on to a mystic Quebec-Alberta connection that sparks him up into the healing vision of Canada's universal identity. Within him now, is the burden to pray and to follow through to the realization of the matured Canadian citizenship.

How does he proceed?
By first gathering the initial community support and participation to the operation of "Cleansing our vision of the Crown". There are 4 stages to the promotion of this operational journey. They are: Quest for home. NAF TA and the Prince. The pilot of the Universe-City. Celebration of the Canadian Majesty. Quest for home is the call to rally the Canadian Mother And Father International Association or, the Canadian M.A.F.I.A. for short.
The research, development and implementation of the Faculty of Living is the point of focus that defines the essence and the substance of all endeavors.
The connection between the fiction of NAFTA and the needs of my life in
reality are intertwined. This is where health, education and the environment
are given a vehicle with the project, to consolidate life of the individual
among the family, the neighborhood, the school and back home to complete the circuit of living well. Once off the ground with NAFTA's quest for home, Canadians emerge with the social class antidote, by sending NAF to invite Prince Charles to the next stage. The pilot of the Universe-City allows for the disappearance of NAF back into myself, where I can attend the grade one class of the Faculty of Living, not as an expert but as the con man that I have been toward my loved ones, because of this vision that I am pregnant with until the delivery of the baby. That baby seems to be the same as all who care for life and who long for the real life to appear; and so, celebration of the Canadian Majesty is the life of freedom that is no longer governed by the rule of our collective ignorance. This is an outline and hopefully there is enough here to feed your questioning. Ben (c) Subsense Publishing and Promotion

The following is the theme song for the televised series to gain momentum in Alberta.

2005 is the year when I turn one hundred years old! One century spent to
define the life within brand new borders, where borders had never existed
before, but where nations had flourished for thousands of years, and in 1905
the time had arrived for the Empire to stretch to the west in hope for

When I was named as a Canadian province, John Campbell wrote to his wife: "In token of the love which thou has shown for this wide land of freedom, I have named a province vast and for its beauty famed by thy dear name. " Thus was I introduced to the nations, with a name of the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria…
…Alberta is my name, t'was inspired with honor from a man's love for his wife, known to be strong, artistic with exquisite taste! That couple was forward-looking people, concerned for the less fortunate. The name they gave me placed me well to avoid the Eastern mistakes of the Empire.

I've now been led past the threshold, 2 at the top of the material world. Not
long before my centennial, the Empire was dragged into terror. And so if I am to celebrate It must be from a wise vision of humility and of service for
mankind. There's just no time to pretend that all is well the way it is…
…Let the ones who are and who will be me into Life's sacred fire, the invisible gold rush.. thus, entering the celebration that never ends, the celebration in the Spirit of Life, Oh nobly bright and illustrious. Radiant of the Spirit of justice, peace and joy.

And so from Emily Murphy to Betty Hewes to Jan Arden to Lois Hole from Grant MacEwan to Ian Tyson to the Mannix and Manning families. We can see through my past century enough potency of meaning for anyone to catch on fire in the Faith and Hope that settles our humanity Into the simplicity.

Of the majesty we are all created to be living in, the majesty of the Eternal,
who's love secures my destiny in the meaning of my name: "Nobly bright and illustrious". is what Alberta means. Such Albertan I grow to be by the Spirit of wisdom and love, as I care for the less fortunate. Benoit Couture ©
Subsense Publishing and Promotion

...then to Canada from Quebec...
CALL to CANADA Could we reach the agreement that it's the
whole world who is in need to see a place like Canada to show that free will
can be a good thing.
In 1945 we were invited to join a deal. Most of the nations had great hope to
bring peace among humans.
After fifty some years, great challenges are facing us. The deal has not
provided what we forgot to look after.
We just cannot go on, building wealth for me, myself and I, while our loving
for each other remains hidden behind divisions.
We've got to grow from that bottom line that has been in use and bring about
that sense of belonging, bonded beyond the business fences.
Maybe we haven't understood that prosperity only comes to us from who we are together and not from what we do to each other.
We have all it takes to become heaven on earth; we have been blessed with
wealth, now let's lead wealth to prosperity.
Believe it or not, it is the whole world who is in need to see a place like
Canada to show that the renewing Covenant is unity for humanity.
Benoit Couture © Subsense Publishing and Promotion