Because You Are Stupid

The process paper Because You Are Stupid rewrites the original Because You Are Stupid by Craig Hubley, which responded to lies placed on the record by Kevin Colton, which Bruce Abel published on an Ontario government web site. The essence of Hubley's response to them is that he need do nothing in particular to cause them to fail, because, their own best efforts will cause failure without any doubt.

In particular, Hubley would not respond to any attempt to require response to hearsay or use rumours, lies or innuendo as the basis for a GPC Council decision. His essay was a statement of bald contempt for Abel, Colton and others who abused their powers in the GPC Council Crisis.

The generic paper is intended to be a general discourse on the way stupidity serve specific purposes in politics.

:In politics, to be stupid is not a disadvantage. - Napoleon


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