As of 2005

Pages that contain volatile facts true as of 2005 link to this page. All such pages need review::

The following pages are now obsolete and redirect to this page; Those link to that page are listed. Remove the page from the list as it is updated. When the last link is removed note the date it occurred.''

Anything true as of 2005 should link to that page and not to a more specific month, i.e. those to as of 2005-12 and as of 2005-01 should all be updated to just "as of 2005" or as of the month in which it's updated in 2006: as of 2006-02 and as of 2006-03.

The mediawiki what links here feature lists such pages including redirected ones automatically - tikiwiki not doing so is a fatal tikiwiki flaw.

The as of convention is a wiki best practice.