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For background information on answering questionnaires, see: Answering Citizen Questions 2004.

For detailed answers to specific questions drawn from the below and other sources, see Policy FAQ.

For comparisons of policy between English parties see party platform comparison. (no comparison yet exists for the parties in French)

See mark up and mail back and answer recommendation for the long term approach we propose to take to answering citizen queries in a coordinated way in future.

officially answered (9)

these have been officially answered by advocates or other officially mandated people, please try not to deviate wildly in your individual responses and use the terms the Green officials have used where possible, e.g. "natural capital" or "green tax shift", for clarity and consistency with respect to sound bites.

Green Party response to Party Leader's Questionnaire put forward by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. (note nonstandard naming, please fix when convenient)

Canadian Breast Cancer Network Questions 2004 by Dr. Chris Milburn

Canadian Mental Health Association Questions 2004 by Dr. Chris Milburn

willison at dal.ca" class="wiki wiki_page">Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters Questions 2004 by Martin Willison - (questions not visible, someone please fix)

slabchuck at isn.net" class="wiki wiki_page">Sierra Club of Canada Questions 2004 by Sharon Labchuk

CIPPIC_Questions_2004 by Evan Hughes (note nonstandard naming, please fix when convenient) - these are very similar to Digital Copyright Canada Questions 2004 and have basically the same answers

Greenpeace Canada Questions 2004 by Irene Novaczek - is there also a detailed response? by Sharon Labchuk?

inova at isn.net" class="wiki wiki_page">PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women Questions 2004

(for now we also include as 'officially answered' any scorecards that were prepared without direct input by candidates or spokespeople, based solely on the party's platform), e.g. Polaris Institute Questions 2004

shared answers (10)

draft answers from individual candidates or policy trolls working with candidates; these need not be quoted slavishly but adapted, extended, improved, excerpted

Positivity.CA Questions 2004

Information Technology Association of Canada Questions 2004

Toronto Arts Council Questions 2004

Directors Guild of Canada Questions 2004

Writers Guild of Canada Questions 2004

ACTRA Questions 2004

Toronto Board of Trade Questions 2004

Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia Questions 2004

PEI Working Group for a Livable Income Questions 2004

Focus on the Family Questions 2004 - questions are not visible! please fix!

Please edit in more questionnaires and add your comments below. WE KNOW THERE ARE MORE OF THESE! PLEASE INCLUDE THEM HERE!! Presently waiting for answers:

unanswered (3) - only questions are available, no answers

British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life Questions 2004

Canadian Parents for French Questionnaire 2004

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada