Answering Citizen Questions 2004

Also see Answers to Questionnaires for help in the 2004 election.

Consider mark up and mail back and answer recommendation for the long term approach we propose to take to answering citizen queries in a coordinated way in future. However, neither of these approaches is officially mandated in 2004.

In Debates

The toughest situation is in debates or on the street when you have limited time.

For that we have prepared a party platform comparison chart. Other comparison charts are available at party platform comparison.

See also A GREEN VOTE IS NOT A WASTED VOTE by Neil Spiegel (Parkdale High Park)

On Surveys

Another tough situation is getting complex questionnaires from lobby groups. All candidates need help with at least *some* questions. But for us to answer survey questions, WE MUST SEE THEM. Put them in this wiki with a standard name: the group's full name (including "of Canada" or "Canadian") and suffix "Questions 2004".

willison at dal.ca" class="wiki wiki_page">Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters Questions 2004 is a good example of how to deal with Answering Citizen Questions in the 2004 election. Ideally the Advocate answers quickly and shares his or her answers, another example is slabchuck at isn.net" class="wiki wiki_page">Sierra Club of Canada Questions 2004.

Martin Willison prefaces his comments with this paragraph:

"Thank you for the email. I am the Green Party candidate in Halifax
West. I am also the official advocate for the Green Party of Canada
on matters relating to fisheries and oceans. My response can
therefore be taken as the Green Party's response. Please note,
however, that individual candidates are free to respond
differently. We're a party that respects differences."

This kind of preface paragraph is ideal because:

1. It covers for other candidates who might not answer the questions and authorizes the citizen/lobby group to interpret the Advocate's answer as the Party's answer

2. It allows for other responses and makes the Advocate's view the one to rely on in case of conflicts - it may even be an excuse for the group to contact the advocate directly which is ideal

3. It makes reference to respect for diversity directly which is useful as that is one of the six principles and Ten Key Values.

Also, Martin omits the questions from his response. This is fine in the email form, but not fine in the wiki, since it makes it very hard for us to compile lists of questions relevant to one policy area. Please provide the questions when you provide the answers here.

How you can help others - share questions and answers

If you see anyone's answers by email, and you can use the wiki, please put them up yourself immediately. Only 65 people are on the gpc-planks mailing list, but all 308 can see the wiki page. Once it's up, pass on the "Address" (e.g. http://www.greenparty.ca/lp/tiki-index.php?page=CFIB+Questionnaire) instead of the text, because, the page text will change, and candidates should work with the latest version available, which is constantly being edited and checked against the policy.