The Anglosphere is the majority English speaking world. That is, that part of the world that is ruled by native speakers of the English language.

It usually is taken to refer to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the many small islands in the British Commonwealth and US possession, e.g. Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico.

The Anglosphere has been shrinking, as it recently lost Hong Kong and may lose Quebec. Its political coherence is also far less than it was when the term was coined (after WWII), as New Zealand and the USA do not agree on much foreign policy, and Canada is also often "offside" on such issues as the 2003 Iraq invasion.

However, as the spread of the Internet and especially the World Wide Web has brought English into more lives than ever before, the political power of the Anglosphere especially to make propaganda is much greater. The systemic bias of Wikipedia favours the English speakers' view, if only because the majority of editors and contributors are people who have English as an additional language to deal with the administrators, user interfaces, and underlying mediawiki technology.