About Openpolitics.ca

About Open Politics

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Open Politics.ca is a citizen-driven and community web service that helps Canadians to become engaged with - and even change - Canada's political process.

Openpolitics.ca is a web service provided by the Open Politics Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit organization.

The goal of Open Politics is to enable you to empower yourself. You are an important person with unique experiences and opinions that matter. Rather than being frustrated with politics as usual and giving up, you can use Open Politics to:

  • join our community of engaged citizens
  • learn about issues, legislation and current events
  • share your knowledge, research and opinions with other Canadians
  • deliberate using our unique collaborative writing process to make decisions and create proposals, which can be used to...
  • change politics as usual!

Open Politics and collaborative writing

Since everything on openpolitics.ca is editable by anyone, you can actually make changes yourself rather than just arguing with others about what should be written in a proposal, or what information should be included about a certain issue. This is how the collaborative writing process works - you and the community negotiate and deliberate by doing. You make the change you want, then someone in the community else will amend what you have written and so on. By the end of the process, you have not only reached consensus, but will have a proposal which can be sent off to an MP or a CEO with the click of a button from openpolitics.ca

Open Politics is at the leading edge of 21st Century civics

  • The open politics web with its wiki engine is continually being upgraded to empower citizens.
  • Staff and volunteer editors are online to assist your contributions.
  • Free training sessions to enhance your knowledge of civics and how to make use of e-democracy and how to make change.
  • The efficient civics guild, collects, builds and shares best practices for all kinds of activism.

Open Politics is not an advocacy group

Open Politics Foundation does not participate in partisan politics. It takes no particular position on any issue, but gives citizens and activists the knowledge and the tools to take an informed position and communicate that to policymakers. Anyone can edit the list of all issues or news-related issues. Our editors and administrators follow published guidelines and do not favor any faction or party - they only help to accelerate the definition and resolution of issues.

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