ASIRN - Blue Tory

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Classical Liberals or Blue Tories are “tax cut” conservatives first and foremost, with the view that a minimalist state and maximum economic freedoms contribute to prosperity and social stability.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
authoritarian,small state,individualist,rationalist,narrow focus

Likes and dislikes


  • trust in the judgement of experts/ hand picked individuals
  • less interference in the free market
  • cutting red tape
  • not accepting limits to the upper end of success
  • competition, and facing challenges
  • enforcing the right to privacy


Philosophy: Libertarian
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civil rights drinking age entrepreneurship assisted suicide health care guaranteed income supplement labour poverty public safety welfare corruption corporate governance criminal law drug policy development police social contract agriculture air pollution mining privacy intellectual property censorship whistleblower globalization inflation rate competition tax reform

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Famous Blue Tories

Mike Harris
Gordon Campbell
Conrad Black
Paul Godfrey

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