ASILW - Victorianism

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The English "Victorian" social tradition combined a recognition of, and acceptance of, hierarchy with self dependence as a moral imperative. This political philosphy tolerates elitism in the pursuit of individualism. Victorians expressed the need to “keep a stiff upper lip”, relying on charity rather than a social safety net, and opposing (at least overtly) intervention in the economy. Deep and sincere religious belief is often part of this belief system, as well as an obligation of elites to serve the poor, though voluntarily. The arts were used predominantly for moral expressions.
Military service is respected and admired as one of the few civic obligations that is accepted as inevitable.

typical modern forms

In terms of today's politics, the ASILW often allies with right-wing politics of social conservatives and classic liberals. In power, they often alienate libertarian allies.

[+] Historical context


This personality type combines these five perspectives
authoritarian,small state, individualist, idealist, wide focus.

Likes and dislikes


  • cutting red tape
  • religious or moralistic approaches to social concerns
  • free markets and private property
  • "well-prepared elites" to guide the mases
  • advocating change at the national or international level
  • Noblesse oblige


  • being accountable to community standards
  • putting too much trust in statistics or science.
  • addressing the symptoms rather than the "root causes"
  • fiscal spending
  • welfare over individuals 'own-effort'

Philosophy: Libertarian, Social Conservativism, Liberal-Conservatism
Alternate Nicknames: Neo-conservatives

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debt relief for poor countries arms trade international treaties social contract terrorism weapons of mass destruction World Bank climate change habitat conservation pollution copyright file sharing freedom of information genetic engineering privacy tax reform globalization property rights trade urban sprawl gridlock foreign ownership corporate social responsibility consumer rights
immigration multiculturalism legalization of marijuana abortion affirmative action

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Famous ASILW types

English Victorian:

American "neocon":

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