ASCRW - Owenite or Fabian Socialist

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Robert Owen a successful industrialist, was an early “socialist without the class struggle” his basic conception was that human beings were moulded, for better or worse by their society and community, as such the powerful held a responsibility for the human development of the people under their influence.


George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill were adherents to the Fabian socialist movement, which had much the same idea.

In Canada the somewhat unique Red Tory perspective was strongly influenced by these views.

Unlike most collectivists, advocates tended to try to reform right-wing politics rather than join left-wing movements.


The Liberal Party of Canada favours this view by default, as it has never seriously challenged the bulk of state power remaining with the provinces of Canada, nor sought to create large military or other apparatus that would imply a large central state. Liberals in power have tended to favour lateral agreements among the provinces and territories, though applying strong top-down rationalist authority. Pierre Trudeau behaved in ways that might be defined as ASCRW though his rhetoric tended to the human rights and natural justice and classical liberal.

future forms

In green politics the role of central authority is minimized in favour of more local organizing, leaving the small central state in charge of scientifically identifying a wide range of constraints on human activity, some of which require strong authoritarian controls. The geolibertarian perspective is individualist on social and cultural matters but strongly collectivist on ecological questions.

In Canada in particular, some have noted the convergence of Red Tory beliefs with Four Pillars constraints imposed by global conditions, influencing both the Green Party of Canada - especially the GPC platform, 2004 - and the Liberal Party of Canada. Preston Manning wrote an influential essay on the blue-green perspective, suggesting that the Conservative Party of Canada could likewise learn from this view, and that it had to acknowledge the limits of individualist and neoclassical views and embraced "full cost accounting".


This personality type combines these five perspectives
authoritarian, small state, collectivist, rationalist, wide focus.

Likes and dislikes


  • a strong sense of social responsibility.
  • identify strongly with religious, ethnic or cultural groups
  • people who "make do" on their own
  • competition, and facing challenges
  • advocating that society needs a "paradigm shift"
  • advocating change at the national or international level


  • rebellion for the sake of rebellion
  • challenges to authority
  • complex decision making processes

Philosophy: Communitarianism, Social Conservativism

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Robert Owen

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