ASCRN - Patrician

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The patricians were the wealthy aristocrats who controlled the government of Rome as a republic. These elites sought prosperity, order and good government, while keeping the power and positions of responsibility closely held among the "noble" classes. Personal values held most important are duty and loyalty.

Personality dimensions

This personality type combines these five perspectives
authoritarian, small state, collectivist, rationalist, narrow focus

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Likes and dislikes


  • trust in the judgement of experts/ hand picked individuals
  • see politics more as a competition of willpower and resources
  • less interference in the free market
  • tax cuts, particularly for high income individuals or corporations.
  • favor “law and order”
  • think often in terms of “us and them”


  • self determination for minorities
  • expanding the social safety net.
  • placing personal rights before the community interest.

Philosophy: Social Conservative
Alternate Nicknames:

The family compact

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transportation industry manufacturing industry corporate taxation foreign ownership public utilities public infrastructure waste management property rights inflation rate tax reform censorship animal rights war crimes social contract rural development governance debt relief for poor countries welfare unemployment public education public safety civil rights tobacco multiculturalism

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Famous Patricians

Donald Trump
Conrad Black
Stephen Harper

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