ACTRA Questions 2004

ACTRA asks three questions for election 2004:

1. Will your party keep the current limits to foreign ownership of Canadian airwaves to ensure that our broadcasting industry is controlled by Canadians, for Canadians?

Issue: Owning our airwaves. If we don' t own our airwaves, we don' t own our culture. Foreign companies can already own 47% of Canadian airwaves ? but they want more.

" We favour opening up all of the media sector, but only if it' s all of it? I' m bitterly opposed to opening it up for cable, satellite and telecom without opening it up for broadcasting." - Leonard Asper, CEO of CanWest Global Communications, Nov. 14, 2003

2. Will your party issue an order to the CRTC to review its 1999 television policy to impose both content and spending requirements on private broadcasters?

Issue: Telling our stories. Canadian content rules for broadcasting were relaxed in 1999. Now broadcasters are doubling their profits by feeding Canadians a steady diet of cheap U.S. content while Canadian drama disappears from our screens.

" It comes down to whether or not you' re a country and it' s pretty hard to define yourself as a nation if you can' t tell your own stories." - Paul Gross, Performers Magazine, Spring 2004

3. Will your party restore federal tax laws allowing income averaging for performers and other artists?

Issue: Making a living in our country. Federal income tax rules used to allow performers and other artists to average their often-fluctuating incomes over a number of years. This was a lifeline for performers who don' t have access to many other employment-related benefits such as E.I.

"... the largest subsidy to the cultural life of Canada comes not from governments, corporations or other patrons, but from the artists themselves, through their unpaid or underpaid labour". - Applebaum-H颥rt Report, 1982