ABIRW - Brettonist

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This combination of political beliefs advocates for scientifically based social planning on a wider scale. This is the mindset of the World Bank or IMF, who advocate a comprehensive set of fiscal and monetary policies based on the “best practices” known in the economic or individualist paradigm.


This personality type combines these five perspectives:
autocrat,big state, individualist, rationalist, wide focus

Likes and dislikes


  • believe that people will complain no matter what you do.
  • government support for people or industries who experience misfortune
  • doing away with arbitrary rules.
  • governments working from a set of logical rules.
  • being accountable to community standards
  • nations and civilizations go through stages of development like individuals do.


  • having too many people involved in a decision (too many cooks).
  • expanding the range of public insurance programs (employment insurance, old age pensions, medicare and disability programs)
  • being bound by scriptures, loosely defined rights, or old conventions.
  • being accountable to community standards
  • a program of incremental changes.

Philosophy: Corporatist

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labour language public health social indicator welfare sweatshop corporate governance corruption debt relief for poor countries immigration international civilian police International Monetary Fund nonproliferation United Nations World Bank war crimes climate change globalization tax reform monetary reform economic growth monetary reform urban sprawl sanitation water

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Famous Brettonists

Lester Pearson
Woodrow Wilson
John Maynard Keynes
Jimmy Carter

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