ABILW - Hollywood Republican

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Strong, even "visionary" leadership with a populist bent, this type tends to spend more on public services and public safety, while playing to big business and social conservatism. Hollywood republicans play on patriotism in their foreign policy.


This personality type combines these five perspectives
authoritarian, big state, individualist, idealist, wide focus

Likes and dislikes


  • trust in the judgement of experts/ hand picked individuals
  • prefer clear lines of authority.
  • cutting red tape
  • the idea that society needs a "paradigm shift"


  • distributing powers to other jurisdictions.
  • spending cuts
  • putting too much trust in statistics.
  • addressing the symptoms rather than the "root causes".

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immigration drinking age drug policy employment entrepreneurship gun control health care human rights legalization of marijuana public safety freedom of religion welfare United Nations agriculture energy intellectual property tax reform globalization economic growth waste management rural development

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Famous Hollywood Republicans

Ronald Reagan
Arnold Swartzenegger

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