ABCLW - the Missionaries

this is one of the political personality types of the PPQ


Misionaries combine strong leadership with a firm committment to an overarching ideology, either religious, or nationalist, or ideological. This commitment is expressed by contributions or voluntary service to the group. The best qualities of this type are the ability to practice self dicipline, determination and committment to one's beliefs.

Philosophy: Statist

Alternate Nicknames: Fundamentalists, Guardians, Missionaries


This personality type combines these five perspectives
authoritarian,big state, collectivist, idealist, wide focus

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Likes and dislikes


  • the “wisdom of experts”.
  • expanding the range of public insurance programs (employment insurance, old age pensions, medicare and disability programs)
  • enjoy public celebrations
  • decrying public “vices”
  • looking to scriptures, rights, or treaties.
  • advocating that society needs a "paradigm shift"


  • self determiniation for minorities
  • tax cuts, particularly on high income individuals or corporations.
  • putting too much trust in statistics or science
  • addressing the symptoms rather than the "root causes".

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death penalty drug policy education employment homosexuality human rights poverty public health public safety welfare nuclear testing social contract animal rights pollution genetic engineering technology foreign ownership gambling industry housing monetary reform accounting reform freedom of information energy separation of church and state Israeli-Palestinian conflict governance terrorism

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Famous Missionaries

Malcom X
Billy Graham

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