50 words via blackberry

To send 50 words via blackberry is a core feature that will soon be required of Living Platform itself:

intriguing people with news

The major use of this power is to generate public interest in news. To send 50 words via blackberry and get the public to actually read is what a press centre does.

No one will click more if they do not like the first fifty words. If they do, however, the related issues presented can be substantial and detailed, as the user has demonstrated a much higher level of interest or simply a suspectible psychographic that cares about that story.

When used this way, the word more is the only link that is not a proper name. This is a similar form to Trillian Instant Lookup.

answering specific questions

In a candidate portal, likewise, a candidate cannot be making more than one such "click" to get quickly to a list of issues on which they require an issue briefing or interest group briefing.

Accordingly the list that is consulted by them when they require factual information or accurate reports of others' positions or a party platform comparison chart, must likewise be compressible into the 50-word form focusing not on sending a message but asking a question - this form may best be described as a 50-word troll poem since it is necessarily provocative and cannot ignore any point of view that the candidate might actually encounter in the field.

bringing pundits onside

The top story related issues fit neatly on a pundit blackberry. In fact, they are designed to.