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This public web service of openpolitics.ca itself runs on wiki software, in particular, tikiwiki, a wiki engine that makes it possible for multiple, self selecting web page viewers to edit a page. See tikiwiki-based service for more detail.


A comparison of wiki software(external link) from Wikipedia and another more succinct and clear from Consumerium(external link) based on technical features tends to favour tikiwiki. This is misleading for at least three reasons:

1. It's the wiki data that counts, not the software. A large corpus? in wikitext or Microsoft Office? format will make it quite difficult or expensive to shift to any but totally data-compatible software.

2. Most wikis are free software and accordingly suffer from an ideology that over-estimates its usefulness. For propaganda from the zealots of each techology see:

[+] proprietary non-options

viable proprietary software

The more specialized Macromedia Contribute, and Office Live may become popular but do not take standard wikitext files - though there have been efforts to make Office XML? easily exchangeable/compatible with wikitext XML?.

to do

List comparative analyses of wiki software here, and other commentary relevant to choice of such software in the context of the open politics web

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