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This is a core issue in a living ontology.

A verb is the active part of language, and the root of any verb phrase. The subject? of a sentence? performs the action described by the verb. The object? is affected by it in a less active way. An adverb? qualifies a verb.

In a reflexive intranet, all control verbs must be carefully controlled. On this web page and the web browser? that presents it to you, you can see several good examples of verbs, most of which are command verbs that tell some bit of techology what to do:
  • the word "find?" which helps you look for certain phrases, usually noun phrases and verb phrases, page title?s
  • the word "browse?" which is the name of the browse menu
  • the words login? and logout?
  • the word "edit" which appears if you have edit right?s on this page right now - see protected page and archived page and spam for some reasons why you might not
  • the word "add" in comment at the very bottom of the page
  • the words "file?, edit, view... help" across the web browser? menu bar? are verbs, and when combined with other words on each item on the pulldown menu?s, they are full verb phrases
  • the words "home?" and "forgot?" on the list of help links? to the immediate right.
  • the word "exit? Living Platform"
  • the word "connect? with your riding?"

It is quite important that all these verbs be treated consistently and documented similarly. There are other verbs which are more tied to politics and these also will be documented here:

These are roughly grouped as commit verbs. Combining these with the command verbs and other control issues yields the control verb list.

When both technology and politics verbs are treated similarly, there are a lot of additional powers that users gain over an organization - see reflexive intranet for some discussion of this, and Efficient Politics for what this means for the GPC, and Lean Green Machine for an overall approach to maximize the effective use of verbs of all kinds in the party. Of these the most important are the large-scale political verbs:

Greens who wish any political influence must be good at these!

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