trollish verb

A trollish verb is a verb in the trollish tongue. It may be a new verb formed by trolling one that already exists in Simple English, or, simply an overloaded verb using a narrower range of its usual meanings that is usual - often a range that is supported in a programming language?, management accounting?, systems integration?, green building, permaculture or other highly technical usage.

Given the differences in assumptions between troll culture and mass media culture, the number of such verbs are remarkably few. Only three appear to be original:

However many other verbs are used in a broader or narrower sense:
  • troll in the broadest possible sense, e.g. everything from mild rudeness to dissent? to hacktivism?
  • play? - in the sense of play role? and Play Ethic and play game?, but not in the sense of "hit play", or other means to imitate? - trolls use this word only to describe a process in which they create?
  • cast? - to controll who plays a role, as in caste or type cast? in C++
  • nest? - to be? in a place without meaning? - that is, where beings are doing? but not going? outside that place, and not meaning?; the verb creates the noun, and when no one is nesting, then, there is actually no nest
  • step? - to take a best next step? or explore options for same
  • support - which anagrams to up sport

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