troll service

A troll service is a web service devoted to assisting those who have been excluded from some organization or entity including other web service.

Aside from being troll-friendly in the extreme, a troll service usually has naming conventions that make it easy to track usurpations of power within the other organization or entity, e.g. parallel pages that can very easily be compared.

The definition of what services function primarily as troll support is obviously subjective, as is the definition of what "trolls" are in the first place. A high degree of dialectic and mutual disgust at persons in charge, plus a lot of content devoted to the target organization or entity, is usually what defines a true troll service. Some typical troll services that take a critical point of view of other services that they seem to want to augment or replace:

Note: the web address?es of the service is most useful for comparison since troll services are necessarily online, and, because, it is the simplest way to investigate the differences between services, to simply go look at them.

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