standard command grammar

A standard command grammar is a list of all control verbs that must be in a user interface?, forming the core of its command grammar. New words can be added but cannot contradict the core meanings. Many capabilities must extend those of the standard grammar, not replace them.

on the web

The web browser? has developed a de facto standard based on the Internet Explorer file/edit/view?, but can vary, e.g. "web favorite? versus web bookmark?". Web services themselves use "post?" and "send?" which are from older usenet? and email conventions.

Other basic terms describing local-like file manipulation like "cut?", "copy?", "edit", "save?", "browse?" are inherited from a 30 year history of standard command grammars of the Xerox Star?, Apple MacOS?, Microsoft Windows?, web browser? and large public web service? name precedents?.

All tikiwiki-based services will vary the terms used somewhat, but are consistent on core elements, extending the tikiwiki web UI?.

basis of reflexive

A reflexive command grammar extends a standard, e.g. the living ontology, to support complex commands.

Without solid but abstract definitions of verbs like "save" or "edit", it is simply impossible to vary meaning without collapse of the core meanings.

for state services?

A standard command grammar for state services has been proposed in various forms, typically by the IMF and WTO, but only with respect to trade-related fucnctions, and with intent to drastically restrict services offered in a race to the bottom. Perhaps the most restricted set was used in the army of the old USSR: seven Russian words!

The list of all human control verbs? including those that legislate? civilian limits to such command and control actions, constitute an ultimate standard command grammar, that used to control the actions of the state?. An ultra-reflexive intranet rigorizes these, but how much this is actually possible remains to be seen.

Major issues include:

This page helps define? living ontology. It is CC-by-nc-sa by Efficient Civics Guild.

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