service economy

As popularly understood, a "service economy" is an economy based heavily on services (such as accounting) rather than industry (such as manufacturing). During the dotcom boom? it was common to describe a so-called "New Economy?" that would be mostly services.

In green economics, a unified service economy based on a foundation of natures services is presumed to exist in nature, not dependent on human activity. This is what is studied by the science of ecology, that is, the service relationships between non-human beings, by which they provide each other's food and shelter and so on. By treating relationships between non-humans as part of economics just like relations between humans, and then treating services provided by states (like the definition and enforcement of commodity and product categories), one unified view of the entire energy, ecology and economic spheres can emerge.

Ideas like product stewardship and extended product responsibility are applications of this "deep service economy" principle. Natural Capitalism applies this principle deeply and generally and extends it to industrial ecology? and the use of financial instruments that are pure play?s on materials and energy savings.

Position: A unified or deep service economy takes into account all factors and relationships at play, not just economic ones
  • include relationships between non-humans as an economic factor
  • include services provided by states (like the definition and enforcement of commodity and product categories)
  • take into account environmental costs.

From this model, services like product stewardship? and extended product responsibility? emerge as logical and economic necessities.

A good refer link on this topic is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/service_economy(external link)

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