rural development

The rural development problems of regions losing jobs, particularly in Saskatchewan?, rural British Columbia and Atlantic Canada require specific support and special programs federally distinct from urban development?. The aboriginal issues and the Assembly of First Nations that deals with them in rural areas are treated separately.

all "sustainable" ?

In Canada all rural development is represented as sustainable development except in Alberta where Tar Sands and British Columbia where the BC forest? subsidies creating the softwood lumber dispute? are clearly not describable in this way. Nor is the use of draggers for ocean fishing. Some view marijuana/hemp? also as a potential sustainable crop with many uses. That, forest issue?s, oil issue?s, fish issue?s are all dealt with separately.
during election NDP position? Liberal position? Green position? Conservative position?
Canadian federal election, 2006 - in context with other issues no change promised no change promised remove tax from "ecological" goods and services - shift subsidies from fossil fuel? to other forms that favour rural areas no change promised
Canadian federal election, 2004 - in context with other issues no change no change encourage organize qualified teachers and health care professionals into 'rural health networks'; new policy structures and research centres designed specifically for rural settings; develop broad knowledge base necessary for rural medicine, minimize urban/specialist bias among medical students; comprehensive shift towards community care; create "green-collar" jobs, post-harvest work remaining where food is grown; national strategy to encourage ethanol and bio diesel production no change
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