right to die

From Gelf Magazine(external link):

"Disabled rights? supporters think that “right to die” laws have a disparate impact—meaning that the laws only apply to one group of people, sort of like the poll taxes that the Reconstruction south once used to prevent blacks from voting. Advocates feel that once assisted suicide laws become prevalent, there will be a subtle pressure put on disabled? people to end their lives in order to reduce the burden on their families. And they think that Million Dollar Baby legitimizes the stance that it is better to be dead than disabled. (Never mind that artists don't sanction nor recommend the behavior of all of their fictional character?s.)

Conservatives, on the other hand, value “the culture of life?,” which holds that all life is sacred and that only God should decide? when people die. Disability activists tend to disagree. “The disabled-rights activists would say that if we had a society in which people with disabilities had full rights and access and the state gave 24-hour care so that there was no burden, then we would say ‘There is a right to die,’ " Johnson says."

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