reflexive command grammar

A reflexive command grammar is a command grammar that is reflexive insofar as it is defined in the same namespace that it affects. A reflexive intranet for instance defines all control verbs, e.g. for all LP controls, in the same user editable namespace as any other verb might be defined. "Metas" are strongly avoided, e.g. tasks todo are maximized, for LP:todo minimized. This acknowledges that the "designers" are as fallible potentially as anyone else, so maximizes the power that others have to correct their, and each other's errors.

A financial market? is a similar construct where any participant has the power to profit from errors of others. George Soros? in his analysis The Alchemy of Finance? claimed that our distorted perceptions are a factor in shaping events. "What beliefs do is alter facts" he says.

Soros considers reflexivity to be under-appreciated: "Judging by the public reaction... I have not been successful in demonstrating the significance of reflexivity. Only the first part of my argument - that the prevailing bias affects market prices - seems to have registered. The second part - that the prevailing bias can in certain circumstances also affect the so- called fundamentals and changes in market prices cause changes in market prices - seems to have gone unnoticed." Except by Living Platform itself which applies this politically.

The power of transactions, be they bid and ask? or the use of all control verbs in a tikiwiki-based service, to alter perceptions of what is valued and what should be further supported, is the only reasonable way to self-organize continuous improvement? in a service economy.

Public management in particular may need this capacity. An ultra-reflexive intranet extends this principle to all human control verbs? and must be considered to be an experiment, as no such intranet has ever been created. The CALS? system of the US Army? is a near approximation but assumes a single command hierarchy within its scope.

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