Things "political" are the subject matter of politics itself, consisting of deciding how to distribute whatever reward?s, duties?, commitments and obligation?s that arise from living together in a society. The Political Personality Quiz may help you determine how you personally see these.

what's in common

There is little agreement on what is inherently political, but what's in common is interesting:
  • no theory admits that participants in a political matter should personally benefit from it - at least, not more than an ordinary person selling their labour or time - avoid conflict of interest
  • no theory admits that personal conduct? and expressed moral values should not be taken as a moral example?
    • all theories have some concern with hypocrisy though they vary in their response to it
    • all theories have some conception of political virtues and political vices: behaviour to be applauded and deplored, respectively
  • all theories admit that lying in a political matter is inevitable, though even by powerful figures in positions of public trust? in defense of "national security?" it cannot be done lightly
  • no theory admits that ethics is not ultimately political or that politics itself should be anything but ethics carried out in public with mass peer review and public accountability?

The political virtues of Bernard Crick and the open politics in force ruleset of Craig Hubley establish some parameters for what is to be considered political. For instance the choice of user name? is inherently political to Hubley, while the determination of who is invited to debate is crucial for both.

left, right, green

One dominant perception of left-wing politics? is an ongoing quest for justice?. That of right-wing politics? is as a never ending struggle to control and commodify resource?s that society has inherited from past plunderers, some of which chose to stay in place and plunder one place for about half its yield all the time, instead of coming back to take it all every other year, and possibly having to fight. Green politics equates all politics to forms of peacemaking?, including inter-species relations?.

what we do here

Openpolitics.ca itself specializes in facilitating open deliberation on political issues specific to Canada: all issues

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