philosophy of mathematics

The philosophy of mathematics is not debated at openpolitics.ca itself. It has some implications for the theory of open politics itself, however:
  • There are some studies of ontological metaphor that suggest that the cognitive science of mathematics might be a useful place to start for determining an approach to solving hard problems in the living ontology.
  • Some theorists notably Thomas Tymoczko? claimed that the God's Eye View? problem seen in most metaphysics? is expressed clearly in the historical development of the mathematical practice? that led to today's accepted canon of "proven" mathematics - that is, that mathematical proof? is not free of empirical "pollution" as it claims to be in most philosophies of mathematics. cited here(external link). Among other implications:

This is not however to open up the whole can of worms on this page.

Refer link en: wikipedia: philosophy of mathematics(external link) instead.

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