open politics toolbar

The open politics toolbar is clearly visually separated visually from the Living Platform toolbar in LP:layout. In theory it makes open politics much simpler to understand, simpler to practice and to promote.

It might better be called the open politics prybar or the open politics crowbar since it isn't easy nor even "legitimate" or "respectable" to open politics.

  • "Those who enjoy sausages and the law should never watch either being made." - Otto Bismarck?, paraphrase?d

The next open politics toolbar - the first - performs net wide find? of various kinds of pages in the open politics web. It is mostly used to:

The next open politics web will encourage the use of any notations or standards which make this simpler. SeeOP:web for the way the open politics web defers its functions to cooperating tikiwiki-based services.

The next Living Platform toolbar complements the next open politics toolbar. They may be implemented in some codependent? or entangled? way, but they are quite different feature sets.

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