nuclear weapons

nuclear weapon

A nuclear weapon is a weapon which derives its destructive force from the nuclear reactions of nuclear fission. Seven Countries are known to have nuclear weapons, other countries have attempted to develop nuclear weapons. The United States is the only country to use them in war, against Japan in 1945.

To date, South Africa? is the only country to develop nuclear weapons and then unilaterally renounce them, destroying its small stockpile.

The peace movement? has been trying to convince the nuclear powers to give up their weapons since the 1960's. Both the US and Russia have reduced their nuclear stockpiles, but both retain sufficient weapons (still targeted at each other) to destroy most life on earth.

By the terms of the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?, no more countries will develop nuclear arsenals. As of 2006? North Korea, and Iran were attempting to develop nuclear weapons.

weapons of mass destruction?, mutually assured destruction?, nuclear energy, war

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