next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar

The next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar will be visible as part of next LivingPlatform.CA. To use "watch page and email me? if it changes" requires one to register and log in?, so this option appears instead of those when using LivingPlatform.CA anonymously.


This toolbar operates similarly to the crit.org? capabilities but with a special focus on political problems, not general problems. Features included are:
  • web pages that link to? the page viewed? - likely google?d
  • LP pages that link to? the page viewed - for LP page?s tikiwiki stores this, else, it searches LP pages for external links to the page viewed
  • find page?s preferably in this LP client domain?, then other LP client domain?s, then a list of external source?s, then, the World Wide Web itself, possibly using some web ranking? system to find more reliable - this will be especially useful when working for studentss and as journalists
whatever abbreviates that

The terms of use and any applicable copyright? or copyvio? - maybe also plagiarism? and similar page? notices.


This and all LP controls are based on living ontology and CC-by-nc-sa by the ECG

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