learn critical thought

Everyone must learn critical thought for themselves. There is no single known correct path for "teaching" critical thought" - only the dog's breakfast? that is called "philosophy" which we, trolls, disavow - the usefulness of trolling is in part to obsolete this.

Some pages at Living Platform itself exist mostly for the purpose of assisting those who seek to learn true critical thought for themselves:

collective critical thought

There are specific constructs that we, trolls use to overcome the most obvious problems of civilization and loss of evolutionary pressure on humans:

expression of critical distinctions in language

Without some grounding in critical thought and living ontology, the full significance of the following will not be clear:

The agenda protocol and Living Agenda attempts to combine these into some rational collective intelligence system that is also part of the living ontology process.

other ways to learn critical thought

You may:
  • become a Jesuit?
  • become a philosopher?
  • become an ontologist?
  • blindly support the world trolling organization? and hope that following trollherds? is somehow better than not
  • follow only specific trollherds whose values seem to reflect your own, and, copy whatever they do without any thought at all, until you begin to have your own ideas

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