kill idea

To kill ideas efficiently is the core purpose of the Efficient Civics Guild. Since ideas are bad? they must be eradicated wherever encountered. Some particularly virulent ideas:
  • possession is nine-tenths of the law?
  • limited liability?
  • common sense
  • Ponzi scheme?
  • beauty myth?
  • precedent? - though perhaps this one can be saved a bit
  • banking
  • honor?
  • money - a single stealable token trusted as store of value?, standard of deferred payment?, unit of account? and medium of exchange?
  • debt
  • war

An ECG Master can kill ideas of an ECG Apprentice so efficiently that the Apprentice understands, within a reasonable period of time, why it must be done, and will always realize that they owe the Master an apology for coming to them with it so as to waste ECG Master time. When the Apprentice kills his or her own ideas? so successfully and internally that they need no more help to do it, they may be proposed as an ECG Guilder?, a full membership status in the Efficient Civics Guild.

Likewise the ECG Guilder? who knows all guild term?s and does not raise ill-formed arguments or rejected positions has learned to kill their own ideas effectively. As with all languages the learning of these terms destroys the capacity to generate those ideas which are ungood.

While the Apprentice may resent ideas being killed, to kill ideas effectively is a high art that everyone must learn, because stupidity is everywhere and persistent - as of 2005-04 it probably rules the so-called real world?.

Those who kill ideas so perfectly as to engage in no rudeness? may qualify as ECG Grandmaster?s. There are very very few of these. If you meet one on the road, kill him. He is ready to move on.

"This page explains? Efficient Civics Guild and living ontology and so is CC-by-nc-sa by the ECG."

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