join initiative

To join initiatives requires no bureaucracy. You can participate at several levels in a citizen initiative:
  • anonymous edit of pages linked from all citizen initiatives
  • register with a troll name so that people can track what you write and converse?, collude? and collaborate with you, but, you retain the right to vanish?; No Cornholio?s will be tolerated however.
  • register and use your "real" i.e. body name? to establish repute - or to challenge repute of others in criminal term?s - e.g. to accuse them of conspiracy or embezzling? or uttering a threat?. In this case the right to vanish is overwhelmed by a need for accountability and let those falsely accused track libel to its source.
  • accept obligations in a volunteer centre and/or perhaps become a Citizen Initiative Activist? to manage and lead other volunteers.
    • help prepare and submit a candidate survey?

In addition you may administrate?, score policy? and analyze policy? responses - which is part of the Living Platform support? function. See Living Platform support priorities? for things we need to do.

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