Individualist is one of the political personality dimensions examined in the political personality quiz. The opposite of individualist is collectivist. The choice between individualism and collectivism is mainly a question of social philosophy. Individualists defend the right of people to do anything they want on their own time and own property. Individualists have a sense of their own individuality and are tolerant of the same in others. They are suspicious of authority, and are ardent defenders of civil liberties.


Individualists tend to:

  • get annoyed with "too many rules"
  • dislike censorship
  • feel less accountable to the standards of others
  • tolerate experimenting with drugs and alcohol
  • enforce their right to privacy
  • support artistic pursuits
  • shun crowds

Individualists tend not to like:

  • worrying about being popular or fashionable.
  • gossip
  • overt patriotism

Relevant issues

gun control,nationalism?,regulation?,human rights,eminent domain, arts funding?, property rights, drugs, education, death penalty, same sex marriage, family breakdown, censorship?, prostitution?, alcohol, tobacco?.

Statements used in the PPQ

  • Public schools should be able to create separate classes for advanced students.
  • If some people choose to waste their life, that is their business.
  • Government should not be allowed to read people‚Äôs emails without their knowledge.
  • civil liberties need to be defended, not suspended in a time of emergency.
  • Most public holidays are just an excuse for a day off.
  • How you dress at work should be your own personal choice.
  • People should be judged on their own terms.
  • more cultural diversity would be good for this country.
  • How people raise their children is their own business.
  • I like people who are eccentric.
  • Anything can be art if the artist says it is.
  • Public nudity should be legalized.

Statements proposed for the PPQ

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