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Human-centric is one of the political personality dimensions examined in the political personality quiz.
The opposite of human-centric is eco-centric.
Environmental issues are difficult for politicians because the benefits of environmentalism are widely distributed (across many future generations) and the costs are localized (with polluters and resource extraction industries)


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Human-centric viewpoints will support:

  • confidence in humanity's ability to "manage" nature and overcome resource limitations.
  • that human needs take priority the needs of other species.
  • that there exists a tradeoff between the environment and "progress".
  • that staying competitive requires some sacrifices to the environment.
  • developing technological solutions to environmental problems.

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Human-centered people tend to oppose:


Relevant issues

energy supply, overpopulation, environment, consumerism. Kyoto Protocol.

Statements used in the PPQ

  • Statistics can be used to prove anything.
  • It is immoral to raise prices just because there is a shortage.
  • Some individuals are just naturally at odds with each other.
  • Right and wrong is not just a question of logic.
  • It is right for the media to focus more on tragedies close to home, rather than tragedies abroad.
  • it isn’t fair to students that teachers often make test scores fit a “bell curve”
  • I'm more like Captain Kirk than Doctor Spock.
  • we can never really hope to be objective.
  • there are many correct answers to any one question.


  • Recognize that other species have a "right to exist".
  • View the separation of humanity from nature as unhealthy.
  • Oppose consumerism, in favor of voluntary simplicity?.
  • Sensitive to ecological risks, and favor the precautionary principle
  • See a looming shortage of natural resources.
  • Favor the preservation and expansion of nature - less interference from humans.
  • Are suspicious of technological solutions to environmental problems.


  • Human civilization is the most important part of life on earth.
  • Future generations will be able to repair enviromental problems created by this generation.
  • You can’t expect people to give up their standard of living to preserve the environment.
  • Advanced technology will help solve environmental problems.
  • Nature is always changing, and can adapt to the changes humans make.
  • Losing species to extinction is just part of natural selection.

Statements proposed for the PPQ

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Comments and Observations

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