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As an ideal, a free market is a term for an idealized market system, where all economic decisions to by sell or produce are voluntary. In practice, a free market for a good or service exists when
  • individuals or firms are free to enter the market (i.e. not prohibited by law)
  • the prices in the market are a result of supply and demand.

If a country's economy is made of mostly free markets, it is said to have a market economy.

Industries that are "more free" include the food industry?, transportation industry?, technology industry, retail industry?, textile industry?

Industries that are "less free" include:
financial industry, self regulating professions (law, medicine, engineering), utilities industry?

Related issues: capitalism, market economy, monopoly?, oligopoly?, monopsony?,market power?, competition regulator, private sector, public sector.laissez-faire?

Position: Free Markets create Poverty and Economic Injustice.

Free Markets increase Poverty and Economic Injustice.

Position: Free Markets are the best path to Economic Development.

Free Markets are the best path to Economic Development.

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