fair and balanced

Fair and Balanced is the motto of Fox News Network? which is known for its editorial stance as being anything but fair and balanced. In this sense, anything that claims to be "fair and balanced" should be checked for spin.

In general, attemping to be fair and balanced means:
  • to practice intellectual integrity
  • to properly represent what the general public perceives to be the truth.
    • in particular, to avoid euphemism? especially that employed by the mass media? to avoid offending its advertiser?s
  • to avoid discrimination and note when diverse perspectives on a subject exist, and give people an opportunity to hear from alternate points of view.
  • employing factual, i.e. "falsifiable" statements where they are available, cite links with evidence from sources that have some trust from a collective subjective perspective, if not
  • avoids inflammatory metaphor? such as "attack and defense" that seems to justify extraordinary actions, e.g. thoughtcrime definitions or - in organizations without integrity - even an unperson status

A statement which is from individual point of view, i.e. an essay, can be fair and balanced, e.g. Because You Are Stupid by Craig Hubley, but that is not a requirement of any such essay. Fairness? may be more a matter of fair warning? in cases where a view is both backed by facts, and extremely damaging.

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