Evangelicalism is doctrine held by many Christian?s.

According to Alistair McGrath, "there are Six Fundamental Convictions of what he described as evangelicalism seemed to capture:
  • the emphases of the current evangelical movement and of evangelical theology: first, scripture authority, scripture as a source of knowledge of God and a guide to Christian living;
  • the majesty of Jesus Christ both as incarnate God and as lord and as savior of a sinful humanity;
  • third, the lordship of the Holy Spirit;
  • fourth, the need for personal conversion for everyone, including one’s own family members; five, the priority of evangelism for both individual Christians and the church as a whole;
  • and then lastly, the importance of Christian community for spiritual maturity, for fellowship and for growth—the idea the lone person working out his salvation apart from being in a community with a fellowship of fellow believers is a truncated understanding of New Testament Christianity."

Many American Evangelicals believe in American exceptionalism.

sources and resources:

Evangelicals and the Middle East(external link) - Council on Foreign relations.

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