electoral reform

Proposals for electoral reform projects seek to change the way that public desires are reflected in elections. This can be narrowly concerned with the voting system or broadly achieving political reform or democratic reform of many institutions.

Such projects affect any of the following:
  • change the way votes are cast or counted altering the rules by which the winning candidates are determined, e.g., runoff voting?, Single Transferable Vote including instant runoff voting and other forms of preferential vote?, approval voting, or (less commonly) disapproval vote or allocation vote?s
  • achieving proportional representation of parties in the legislature, e.g. by BSTV+C+P or B5AV+C+P
  • electoral district border?s;
  • limit the influence of bribes, coercion, and conflicts of interest? or corruption
  • effect direct democracy by citizen initiatives and referendums or recall election?s.
  • parties and limiting their power
    • rules for cross-endorsement?
    • direct popular election? of the Premier? or Prime Minister to replace election of same by MPs/MLAs
    • proposals to reform how political parties work internally or how they raise money: campaign finance reform?.
  • who is eligible to stand for elections - ballot access?
  • election audit?s
  • who gets to vote
    • who has eligibility to vote
    • election day holiday?s
    • mandatory voting?
    • ((universal voter registration
    • voting by mail only?
    • election-day voter registration? as already implemented in some province?s notably those using drivers license as voter registration?
  • who gets to count - the ballot system?
    • hand counted paper ballot?s
    • parallel ballot?s
    • open source electronic voting? as the only form of electronic voting?
    • to tighten scrutineering (by the parties or other observers)
    • ensure safety of citizens voting
  • international monitoring of US elections? and some Canadian ones too

"Periodic redrawing of electoral constituency (or "riding" or "district") borders is conducted at regular intervals, or by statutory rules and definitions, if for no other reason than to eliminate malapportionment attributable to population movements. Some electoral reforms seek to fix these borders according to some cultural or ecological criteria, e.g. bioregional democracy which sets borders to fit exactly to ecoregions?," making a stable bioregional district so as "to avoid the obvious abuse of "gerry-mandering?" where these borders are set deliberately to favor one party or another, or just to improve management of the public's commonly-owned property?." - from Wikipedia: en: electoral reform(external link).

See also the US-oriented dlist of election system improvement proposals(external link) from dKosopedia?.

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